SAP GTS Customs Management

With the help of SAP GTS, all relevant customs processing activities (tariff classification, import declaration, export declaration, SAP GTS bonded warehouse) can be automated and standardized. In doing so, GTS supports them in communicating with customs authorities, which can significantly reduce processing times and transaction costs for goods movements. Communication with the electronic customs system ATLAS takes place automatically via a special interface. Missing master data in customs processing can be derived by condition records as a data proposal. All relevant goods movements are listed in worklists by SAP GTS. Via a status network, these goods movements can pass through all processing steps of the import or export declaration.

SI PRO core topics regarding SAP GTS Customs Management

Tariff Classification

In GTS, a customs tariff number can be intuitively assigned to each product. For this purpose, the 11-digit commodity code for the import declaration and the 8-digit commodity code for the export declaration are selected from the customs tariff. The GTS becomes the leading platform for the allocation of customs tariff numbers, which are distributed to the SAP ERP upstream system in a downstream process. The customs tariff can be loaded into the GTS completely or partially (individual chapters) as XML.

Our partner Reguvis ( provides you with the appropriate content. With the SAP GTS you can mass tariff or retariff products.

Import declaration (ATLAS-Import)

All goods and deliveries from non-EU countries are assigned their destination under customs law with SAP GTS.​ SAP GTS supports you in calculating customs duties and import tax. In most cases, the release for free circulation takes place in the normal procedure.

Export declaration​ (ATLAS-Export)

Exports from EU countries to non-EU countries are reported electronically to customs using SAP GTS. For regulated products (CWC, GÜG, Dual-Use), the GTS helps to find the necessary export licenses or general permits and to transfer them correctly to ATLAS via SAP GTS Seeburger document coding.

Special customs procedures

If the relevant authorizations are available, some special customs procedures can also be used in the GTS.

The GTS automatically checks whether the relevant requirements are met, e.g. for the simplified export or import declaration, the customs warehousing procedure, inward and outward processing or for the transit procedure.


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