Quality Management with SAP S4/HANA


With SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA, SAP Quality Management (QM) comprises a wide range of functionalities to support quality planning, quality control, the assessment and release of products, and quality evaluation. Based on this, SAP QM also offers solutions in the area of deviation and complaint as well as audit management. Test equipment management, including maintenance, can also be implemented, as can stability studies and comprehensive certificate management.


Standardization not only offers advantages in the context of quality planning, but also increases the acceptance, satisfaction, and motivation of the workforce Reduces IT costs, improves the validity of collected test data, and creates transparency along the entire manufacturing process. In the context of production testing, you ensure the maintenance and increase of customer satisfaction.

In doing so, SAP offers a future-proof solution for handling industry-specific processes in the QM environment with fully integrated quality management in the S/4HANA environment.

SAP relies on the latest cloud technology and the use of innovative and intuitive web applications (Fiori Apps). These also enable use on mobile devices.


SAP Quality Planning
The required basic and master data, which is essential for the QM processes that occur on a daily basis, is mapped during planning. The completeness and correctness of this data is essential to ensure that the processes run smoothly.

SAP Quality Inspection
Various transactions in different areas in the company can be verified and assessed by using master data. These scenarios can be defined in several processes and completed by using inspection lot processing with results recording.

SAP Quality Notification
The quality notification provides support for a number of tasks that are associated with the networked, collaborative processing of problems within departments, and enables corrective measures to be performed at specific times (such as supplier management, CAPA, customer complaints).

SAP Nonconformance Management
With unplanned events, users can manually enter error data and document how the error is processed. Flexible, graphical dashboards enable a fast, clear analysis of the error situation and, where necessary, allow immediate measures to be taken (such as additional, manual inspection lots).

SAP Quality Control
Quality control is based on reports on the original set of transaction data (such as inspection lots, and Q notifications). These lists can be customized by using different selection variants and layouts, and also displayed graphically.

SAP QM Consulting Solutions


The Laboratory Information and Management System in SAP QM is based on the processes that are commonplace in the laboratory, and provides a number of functions. Central components include integrated sample management, monitoring test equipment, and a stability study. Handling these processes is supported by corresponding documents such as sample-drawing instructions, inspection instructions, findings reports, and sample labels.


Food and Beverages

Nonconformance Management forms the basis of controlling the specifications for suppliers. Efficient and specific checks of quality characteristics ensure that these specifications are complied with. At all times, this guarantees control over quantity flows and raw material composition (ingredients and nutritional values) within the supplier’s certification information such as RSPO or UTZ. With the integrated message management function, you can operate across departments and process supplier complaints quickly. Supplier-related data is collected and automatically determines quality criteria for the future assessment of suppliers.


GxP Life Sciences

The manufacture of pharmaceuticals is subject to clearly defined statutory provisions. SAP fulfills these Compliance requirements with a number of functions that enable the GxP-compliant implementation of QM processes, and also support the necessary system validation. These functions guarantee consistent and continuous documentation throughout the entire value creation process. This allows for complete change monitoring through the integrated audit trail, as well as for batch tracking and tracing for all goods flows (raw material use, manufacture, and sales) within the SAP logistics module that is integrated into the supply chain.



Scoping the SAP PLM Solution
SAP PLM is a good way of configuring a new, optimal system for developing your products. Ideally, the SAP PLM system works seamlessly with the processes in your SAP production planning, SAP procurement, and your SAP sales solutions. Many different laws and regulations often have to be considered in product development. The SAP solution can support product development organizations that work internationally across many countries. Our experts help you define a project that is feasible for you and delivers a ROI.


Digitization Options with SAP​
We advise our customers on digitizing their product development with SAP PLM: far-reaching, full support of your processes is feasible. Once the basic structure has been implemented, many processes can be accelerated by using the SAP PLM software’s simulation, optimization, and automation functions.

SAP PLM Feasibility Study for Project Planning
We use our SAP demo and development systems in feasibility studies, project preparations, or proofs of concept to demonstrate how the requirements can be implemented. We also create activity plans with expense planning for an implementation project.

Project Management and Procedures
SI PRO supports classic procedural models and even agile methods such as scrum and kanban, depending on customer preferences. Classic project management tools or even tools such as Confluence and Jira can be used to support the documentation and communication processes in the project.

SAP PLM Analysis and Blueprint
An analysis of the current situation and a precise definition of the target situation can be extremely advantageous for the success of a PLM project. To ensure this, SI PRO analyzes the current and/or target processes in workshops with the customer and optimizes these as necessary with a view to the functionalities to be implemented. This analysis results in an extensive PLM blueprint with a functional and technical detailed design that will form the basis for the following implementation for the customer project.​

SAP PLM Implementation
The technical implementation takes place as part of the implementation, that is, the Customizing of the SAP standard software. Additional developments through to add-ons are designed and realized here as required. Other examples can be customer-specific reporting (using Adobe technology, for example) or customer-specific user interfaces with Web Dynpro or Fiori. Interfaces to other SAP systems or connections to non-SAP systems can also be achieved in this phase. The solutions that are implemented are functionally tested and documented.

SAP PLM Integration Test/User Acceptance Test​
Once the settings and developments have been implemented in the system according to the blueprint’s specifications, the new functions have to be tested thoroughly before they can be transported into the production system. SI PRO can assist with creating appropriate test scenarios and performing them.

The new functions can best be used efficiently and safely once the relevant users and other relevant people have been trained extensively in using them. SI PRO offers corresponding SAP PLM training in the system. There is also the option of creating training documents and web-based training.

Si PRO provides support with preparing for and refining source data and data migration. SAP standard tools or tried and tested SI PRO migration tools are used for this. SI PRO has know-how of various systems resulting from migration projects such as Siemens Insterspec, C, or Devex from Selerant.

SAP PLM Go Live Preparation
Once testing has been successful and employees have been trained, the production system should go live as soon as possible afterwards to ensure that the knowledge gained can be applied directly and isn’t quickly forgotten. SI PRO provides support during the go live by means of technical checks, setting up jobs, and performing a qualitative check for the completeness of the relevant master data at various levels (material, substance specifications, recipes, documents, etc.).


We provide our customers with technical and application support. We also offer service level agreements with response times depending on the priority and business impact of the issue. Below are some sample support offers.

  • Telephone-based support/error analysis
  • Ticket processing in the customer or SI PRO ticket system
  • Support via VPN access
  • On-site support
  • Regular support meetings (on a weekly or monthly basis)

SI PRO works with the following roles to comply with the required service levels:


The dispatcher monitors the support tickets and requests, and intervenes where necessary in distributing the tickets to the designated support staff. The dispatcher ensures that information is exchanged seamlessly with the customer’s organization, and operates as a single point of contact.


The supporters analyze the tickets that are assigned to them according to the requested response times, and respond to the ticket that was created in accordance with the SLAs. The response can consist of a proposed solution (such as eliminating master data errors) or even a proposal for additional solution processing (such as ABAP coding or correcting Customizing).


Reference: Pharmazell

Headquarter: Raubling
Founded: 1947


Project: Implementation SAP Quality Management and SAP EHS as part of an overall SAP implementation


  • Implementation of SAP EHS hazardous substance management according to REACH regulations
  • Implementation of SAP Quality Management for raw material procurement and production process
  • Mapping of global and local specifics of all global locations


Services provided by SI PRO:

  • Requirements analysis of As-Is situation
  • Requirements of To-Be solution with SAP EHS and SAP QM
  • Customizing SAP EHS Hazardous Substances Workbench and SAP QM
  • Replacement of old systems, data mapping, data migration
  • Blueprint and development of client add-ons
  • Implementation of company processes in SAP, e.g. Quality Management, test management, labelling, traceability, supplier management

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SI PRO has been advising on SAP QM solutions since the earliest versions were released, and offers the most comprehensive level of best practice know-how.

Our consultants are familiar with specific issues, business processes, the latest SAP solutions, technologies, and appropriate procedures.

We can support you throughout your project’s entire life cycle, from analyzing your requirements to project planning, implementation, and maintenance.

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