Companies can make a significant contribution to solving global environmental problems and sustainability can contribute to corporate success.

IT solutions are required to monitor and control the companie’s financial, logistical, HR as well as sustainability and governance key figures.

SAP Sustainability Tower (SAP SCT) uses existing system data for the area of sustainability for the fulfillment of ESG reporting requirements and activity management.

Typical data from SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ERP and other SAP solutions which can be used for SAP Sustainability Control Tower:

  • Air emissions, water emissions, CO2 emissions (SAP EHSM, SAP PFM)
  • Energy (SAP EHS, SAP MM)
  • Accidents, Occupational Health (SAP EHSM)
  • Financial Data, such as sales and pricing (SAP SD)
  • Produced Quantities, Purchased Quantities (SAP PP/PP-PI, MM, Ariba, SAP Concur, SAP Fieldglass)
  • HR such as Headcount (SAP HCM, SuccessFactors)

The goal is to use this data mostly automated, i.e. to automate the data collection required for the ESG-reporting. Furthermore, also data from non-SAP systems can be included.

Examples of ESG-reporting-requirements with SAP Sustainability Control Tower:

  • Supported standard frameworks such as GRI-Standard, TCFD, EU Taxonomy, UN SDGs, CDP, US EPA CFR 40 Part 98, GHG Protocol, eGRID, SEC, SASB, VBA, UNGC, CSRD
  • Company-specific KPIs and reporting requirements
  • Dashboards, Analytics and Benchmarking

Sustainability can be voluntary due to Stakeholder expectations or mandatory due to legal obligations.

Tracking of sustainability inititatives with Sustainability Control Tower:

  • Performance improvement with the definition of goals and action tracking
  • Simulation and forecasts
  • Business process integration

Benefits of SAP Sustainability Control Tower

  • Integrated solution for sustainability
  • Predefined reporting, KPIs and integration scenarios
  • Automated, up-to-date and auditable ESG-KPIs
  • Identification of potentials to improve sustainability performance
  • Support of activity management
  • High transparency and efficiency
  • Holistic decision-making based on interrelationsships of financial, operational and sustainability performance
  • No technical gaps between operational SAP and sustainability systems
  • Digitization of sustainability

Additional SI PRO special­izations related to sustainability

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SI PRO Consulting Services SAP Sustain­ability Control Tower

SI PRO supports in planning, implementaion and support of Sustainability Control Towers.

At the beginning of a project we typically conduct customer workshops on the following topics:

  • Project goals
  • Embedding in sustainability strategy
  • Reporting requirement elicitation (i.e. GRI, basic KPIs, calculated KPIs, Dashboards)
  • Identification of source data
  • Mapping organisational and physical structures for reporting
  • Integration SAP SCT in S/4HANA, ERP, EHSM, PFM, SAC, DWC etc.
  • Design of reporting processes – calculation and process engine, workflows in sequence, preparation of data, data collections and validation, calculation and hierarchy mapping, review and release
  • Best practice process template
  • Workflow roles

We prepare the results of each workshop and develop alternatives for implementation and design To-Be processes and operative solutions based on SAP Sustainability Control Tower.

SI PRO usually contributes best practice know-how from more than 20 years SAP sustainability and reporting projects.

SI PRO has been advising Sustainability Control Tower, SAP EHS and SAP Business Warehouse since its first versions. Other data, such as logistical data for the weighing of key figures, are also known in detail. Further, SI PRO also advised on former SAP solutions for sustainability such as SAP Sustainability Performance Management (SuPM). Therefore SI PRO is also familiar and aware of other sustainability solutions available on the market.

SI PRO has the necessary knowledge about reporting requirements, e.g. SI PRO has best practice definitions for KPIs.

Our SAP Demo and development systems can show how requirements could be implemented. SI PRO has a fully integrated SAP Sustainability Control Tower Demosystem available.

As a SAP-certified company, we advise and implement SAP Sustainability Control Tower. SI PRO Consultants took part in the SAP Partner-Enablement of the latest functionalities of SAP Sustainability Control Tower.

SI PRO’s consultants are equipped with both the technical (EN Business) know-how as well as the technical expertise of SAP solutions.

Technical implementation is part of implementation, i.e. the set-up of SAP Sustainability Control Tower in the SAP Business Technology Platform with integration of SAP S/4HANA and optional solutions such as SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as well as SAP Analystics Cloud. Older SAP ERP Systems and other data sources can also be integrated if required.

After implementation the solution needs to be tested. SI PRO can support with suitable test scenarios and conduct the testing phase.

An efficient and safe working with new functionalities is best possible once the key users and end users received proper training. SI PRO can support with according training sessions.

Why you should choose

SI PRO has more than 20 years of experience consulting on SAP sustainability solutions, and offers the most comprehensive level of best practice know-how.

Our consultants are familiar with specific issues, business processes, the latest SAP solutions, technologies, and appropriate procedures.

We can support you throughout your project’s entire life cycle, from analyzing your requirements to project planning, implementation, and maintenance.

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