Dangerous Goods Manage­ment

The violation of legal requirements in the area of dangerous goods leads, in the mildest case, to administrative offense proceedings and will lead to a corresponding fine. 

However, if an accident does occur, the consequences are usually much worse and those involved face criminal penalties if dangerous goods regulations were violated or have been implemented incorrectly. 

This can not only lead to financial damage, but also to a loss of image for the company concerned. 

With the dangerous goods management SAP EHS offers an efficient solution to monitor the applicable regulations and to ensure a legally compliant transport of your dangerous goods. 

The dangerous goods management of the EHS is integrated as well into the material master as into the sales and distribution modules of the SAP system and will thus allow material based dangerous goods checks to be executed in the background early in the logistics process, reliably preventing non-compliant transports. 

SI PRO Consulting Services for Dangerous Goods Manage­ment

The most important prerequisite for a reliable dangerous goods management is complete, correct and current master data in your SAP EHS system. 

The master data available in the material master and in the substance workbench can for example subsequently be used to author legally compliant safety data sheets (SDSs) and labels with the required dangerous goods information. 

Using the EDI technology, IDocs may be used to transfer the dangerous goods information to third party service providers, e.g. logistics service providers. 

Last but not least, the same dangerous goods data may also be used to automatically print dangerous goods information on your delivery notes or to create transport documents for various modes of transport. 

SI PRO will gladly support you to always stay on top of your dangerous goods master data. From the basic setup of SAP EHS through the implementation of an optionally available content package with extensive and regularly updated data (like the 3E ERC+ Suite) to support with the loading and distribution of the dangerous goods data SI PRO offers all required services from a single source. 

Besides the functionalities described in the Dangerous Goods Master Data tab, dangerous goods checks in the sales and distribution module represent another important function of the dangerous goods management. 

This means that the admissibility of transporting a certain material via a certain route and the respective mode of transport to a certain destination country can be checked early in the process (e.g. during the offering process). The dangerous goods checks can also be carried out in later document types (sales order, delivery or transport). 

In addition to the mere examination of the admissibility of the transport of a product with a certain mode of transport, the EHS also offers the possibility of calculating the points according to ADR ("1,000 points rule") or the admissibility of mixed loading of certain products in a transport unit. 

If the system detects a violation of legal regulations, further processing of the affected document is prevented and an inadvertent violation of applicable dangerous goods regulations is effectively prevented. 

SI PRO has extensive knowledge of the subject of dangerous goods checks and their implementation in SAP EHS and will be happy to support you with implementation in your system. 


Reference: BASF


Headquarters: Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Founded: 1865


Projects Examples

  • Corporate and operative EHS Sustainability Reporting
  • SAP GTS Trade Compliance
  • ECHA Poison Center Notification​

Reference: Werner und Mertz

Headquarter: Mainz
Founded: 1867

Project: Implementation of a corporation-wide SAP PLM / EHS solution

Consulting Support SI PRO Consulting:

  • Concept SAP PLM Specification management
  • Concept SAP PLM Recipe Development
  • Implementation, Test, Go Live
  • SAP PLM R&D Fragrance Database
  • Integration SAP QM, SAP MM, SAP batch management
  • Concept SAP EHS solution
  • Implementation SAP EHS Product Safety, Dangerous Goods
  • Implementation SAP REACH solution
  • Roll Out activities in Austria, France and Japan

Reference: Axpo

Headquarter: Kanton, Baden Aargau
Founded: 2001

SI PRO for AXPO implemented projects from 2012 till 2014

  • Implementation of SAP EHS environment for dangerous goods and occupational safety
  • Blueprint and implementation of a global specification data base with SAP EHS
  • Automated generation of standard operating procedures and further safety relevant documents
  • Implementation, development and support of SAP EHS Global Label Management to label dangerous goods
  • Development multi-lingual label templates with a dynamic language selection
  • Location depending definition of printing processes
  • Implementation of several client specific developments within the project scope

Reference: Hamburg Port Authority

Headquarter: Hamburg
Founded: 2005

SI PRO für die Hamburg Port Authority realisierte Projekte

  • Implementation of SAP EHSM Risk Management for occupational risk management in occupational safety (creation of risk assessments)
  • Implementation of SAP EHSM Incident Management to record incidents relevant to occupational safety
  • Design & implementation of location structure
  • Client specific customization of user interfaces and automated workflows within GBU-creation processes
  • Definition and customizing of BW-integration with extensive analysis tools
  • Design of templates for various reports (summary reports, operating instructions, accident reports, etc.)
  • Interface development for connecting an external hazardous substance database

Reference: Pharmazell

Headquarter: Raubling
Founded: 1947


Project: Implementation SAP Quality Management and SAP EHS as part of an overall SAP implementation


  • Implementation of SAP EHS hazardous substance management according to REACH regulations
  • Implementation of SAP Quality Management for raw material procurement and production process
  • Mapping of global and local specifics of all global locations


Services provided by SI PRO:

  • Requirements analysis of As-Is situation
  • Requirements of To-Be solution with SAP EHS and SAP QM
  • Customizing SAP EHS Hazardous Substances Workbench and SAP QM
  • Replacement of old systems, data mapping, data migration
  • Blueprint and development of client add-ons
  • Implementation of company processes in SAP, e.g. Quality Management, test management, labelling, traceability, supplier management

Reference: SAP Support Brenntag SE

Headquarter: Essen
Founded: 1874

SI PRO Projects for Brenntag

  • Further development and European SAP EHS System for chemical trade 2nd and 3rd level
  • Chemical distribution, specialty chemicals, life science, material science
  • SAP EHS PS, DG, Content, eSDB, REACH, GLM, MDG Integration

Reference: Fuchs Petrolub

Headquarter: Mannheim
Founded: 1931

Project: Maintenance of SAP EHS application in context EUROSAP and Asia

Maintenance services:

  • Ariel Content Support​
  • Additional support SAP EHS Product Safety
  • Maintenance SAP GTS​
  • Maintenance SAP  foreign trade in logistics​
  • ABAP and WWI developments
  • Technical Support

Reference: Transport­wesen / Aviation​

Location: Hamburg
Construction year: 1911


SI PRO projects for Airport Hamburg​​

  • Implementation of SAP EHSM Risk Management for operational risk management within occupational safety (creation of risk assessment)
  • Design & implementation of location structure
  • Blueprint & implementation automated workflows within GBU creation process
  • Blueprint & customizing SAP BW with detailed analysis tools
  • Design of templates of regulatory relevant reports

Reference: EHSM Düsseldorfer Airport

  • Concept and implementation location structure
  • Implementation of SAP EHS solution for hazardous substances management inclusive hazardous substance register
  • Automatic creation of standard operating procedures and further safety relevant documents
  • Implementation of client specific developments within project scope (e.g. approval workflow and approval process)

Reference: Max-Planck Society

Headquarters: Berlin
Founded: 1911


SI PRO projects for Max-Planck Society

  • Implementation risk assessment
  • Implementation accident management
  • Implementation hazardous substances management
  • Implementation health and safety briefings with SAP Learning Solution and implementation of additional developments
  • Integration SAP HCM
  • Integration SAP Portal Application
  • Roll out
  • Long-term maintenance of the application

Reference: Max-Planck Society

Headquarter: Berlin
Founded: 1911


Project: Implementation of SI PRO Health and Safety Briefing Monitor


  • Central IT-solution for health and safety briefings
  • Integration of SAP EHSM
  • Integration SAP Learning Solution


Services provided by SI PRO​:

  • Project planning
  • Complete project realization
  • Creation of individual catalogue of measures
  • Blueprint, specification and implementation of add-ons
  • Preparation and conduction of key user trainings

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