Trade Control

With its Sanctions List Check, Embargo Check and Legal Control modules, SAP GTS offers powerful tools for complying with national and international regulations in the area of trade control. With the help of these modules, business transactions requiring approval can be automatically identified and, in addition, necessary measures, such as applications for import or export licenses to the relevant authorities, can be initiated more quickly. Similarly, suspicious transactions are detected and prevented at an early stage, thus averting subsequent damage to the organization (financial damage / reputational damage).

SI PRO core topics regarding trade control

SAP GTS Sanctions List Screening

All business partners are supervised in SAP GTS by a special check algorithm and compared with sanctions list entries.

The check is performed statically at master data level and dynamically by checking all business partners in logistical documents.

Current sanctions lists can be loaded directly into GTS via an XML interface.

Further functions:

  • Offline Screening
  • Simulation
  • White- & Blacklists

SAP GTS Embargo Check

The geographic data of all partners involved in a business process (sold-to party, ship-to party, end customer, supplier, etc.) are determined in SAP GTS and then checked against active partial and total embargoes in SAP GTS.

SAP GTS Legal Control

Every international agreement, national law or internal inspection can be implemented customer-specifically in SAP GTS as a so-called legal basis. Here, the product with its classification is the focus of the check. Depending on the logistical process (import, export, domestic), the so-called determination strategy (matrix of country groups, classifications and limit values) decides whether a document is blocked or not. These blocks are released by license management directly in GTS. Here, individual licenses and/or collective licenses can be created and assigned to a blocked document.

Via BAFA's ELAN-K2 interface, even certain export licenses can be applied for directly from GTS.

Actually, there is no sample implementation from SAP for the Legal Control module.

However, SIPRO has the wealth of experience from more than 250 implemented laws and regulations, e.g.:

  • EC-Explosive Precursors regulation (2019/1148)
  • EC-Dual Use regulation (2009/428)
  • EC-PIC regulation (2012/2012)
  • German Foreign Trade and Payments Act and Export List
  • Int. Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)
  • US-Reexport
  • EU-Russia-Embargo
  • EU-Iran-Embargo
  • … and many more

SAP GTS Annual Report & Press Proofs

Not all business processes involving regulated products and substances are subject to approval. However, some of them must be reported to the competent authority at the end of a calendar year:

  • PIC report (ePIC) via ECHA
  • CWÜ report via BAFA
  • SAP GTS Intrastat

SI PRO can help you to use the data of the Legal Control to make the annual report.

Legal control data can also be used to enrich certain logistic documents (invoices, delivery bills, order confirmations, etc.) with necessary information.

SI PRO will also be happy to support you in adapting appropriate print programs, e.g. to print the text module "Drug Precursors" if the sales product falls under the Drug Precursors Regulation


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