With an integrated SAP PLM system, our customers can achieve greater innovative strength as well as faster and more efficient product development and implementation phases. In these times of digitization, significant parts of the processes and optimization efforts are being shifted to IT solutions. Special demands are placed on the chemicals/pharma sector and the consumer goods industry.

Generating, assessing and selecting, as well as quickly implementing new product ideas into marketable, successful products is becoming a core challenge facing companies more than ever before.

In this context, IT systems have to provide optimal support to the corresponding processes, respond flexibly to changing requirements and, at the same time, integrate with existing business and supporting systems.

Using appropriate IT solutions such as selected SAP PLM modules might make that critical difference to you.

Implementing a solution that is based on the SAP standard system for your specific processes such as those in research and development doesn't have to be a contradiction in terms. Starting with SI PRO best practices and Rapid Deployment Solutions, we can quickly show you the added value created by the PLM solution.

Let’s talk about how SI PRO can help with making your processes safe and reliable.

New products are formed on the basis of mapping chemical molecules and their reactions. The chemically active substances are then often formulated in recipes with additional additives. This creates a substance data model in the chemicals industry that is optimally supported by the SAP PLM solution. The solution also focuses on integrating with SAP EHS Product Safety and scaling up the new products in production and sales. more


Ingredients and raw materials are procured from suppliers according to agreed specifications. Multi-level recipes and recipe series are then formulated from this, which are tested in the laboratory and technology center before the products are put into production. The solution focuses on taking allergies and nutritional calculations into consideration. Food laws can be integrated. more


Active substances are systematically researched and developed in laboratories. In formulation technology, the active substances are formulated with additives in recipes and recipe series to create products. In parallel, scientific studies are planned and performed. This creates a substance data model that is specific to the life sciences industry, which is also optimally supported by the SAP PLM solution. The solution also focuses on an SAP-based LIMS and controlling processes by means of an SAP PLM project management solution. more



Scoping the SAP PLM Solution
SAP PLM is a good way of configuring a new, optimal system for developing your products. Ideally, the SAP PLM system works seamlessly with the processes in your SAP production planning, SAP procurement, and your SAP sales solutions. Many different laws and regulations often have to be considered in product development. The SAP solution can support product development organizations that work internationally across many countries. Our experts help you define a project that is feasible for you and delivers a ROI.


Digitization Options with SAP​
We advise our customers on digitizing their product development with SAP PLM: far-reaching, full support of your processes is feasible. Once the basic structure has been implemented, many processes can be accelerated by using the SAP PLM software’s simulation, optimization, and automation functions.

SAP PLM Feasibility Study for Project Planning
We use our SAP demo and development systems in feasibility studies, project preparations, or proofs of concept to demonstrate how the requirements can be implemented. We also create activity plans with expense planning for an implementation project.

Project Management and Procedures
SI PRO supports classic procedural models and even agile methods such as scrum and kanban, depending on customer preferences. Classic project management tools or even tools such as Confluence and Jira can be used to support the documentation and communication processes in the project.

SAP PLM Analysis and Blueprint
An analysis of the current situation and a precise definition of the target situation can be extremely advantageous for the success of a PLM project. To ensure this, SI PRO analyzes the current and/or target processes in workshops with the customer and optimizes these as necessary with a view to the functionalities to be implemented. This analysis results in an extensive PLM blueprint with a functional and technical detailed design that will form the basis for the following implementation for the customer project.​

SAP PLM Implementation
The technical implementation takes place as part of the implementation, that is, the Customizing of the SAP standard software. Additional developments through to add-ons are designed and realized here as required. Other examples can be customer-specific reporting (using Adobe technology, for example) or customer-specific user interfaces with Web Dynpro or Fiori. Interfaces to other SAP systems or connections to non-SAP systems can also be achieved in this phase. The solutions that are implemented are functionally tested and documented.

SAP PLM Integration Test/User Acceptance Test​
Once the settings and developments have been implemented in the system according to the blueprint’s specifications, the new functions have to be tested thoroughly before they can be transported into the production system. SI PRO can assist with creating appropriate test scenarios and performing them.

The new functions can best be used efficiently and safely once the relevant users and other relevant people have been trained extensively in using them. SI PRO offers corresponding SAP PLM training in the system. There is also the option of creating training documents and web-based training.

Si PRO provides support with preparing for and refining source data and data migration. SAP standard tools or tried and tested SI PRO migration tools are used for this. SI PRO has know-how of various systems resulting from migration projects such as Siemens Insterspec, C, or Devex from Selerant.

SAP PLM Go Live Preparation
Once testing has been successful and employees have been trained, the production system should go live as soon as possible afterwards to ensure that the knowledge gained can be applied directly and isn’t quickly forgotten. SI PRO provides support during the go live by means of technical checks, setting up jobs, and performing a qualitative check for the completeness of the relevant master data at various levels (material, substance specifications, recipes, documents, etc.).

Business Case
The business case provides the arguments for or against use of the SAP QM module, or the extent to which the module can be used cost-effectively. We also answer questions relating to costs and the associated benefits as part of an SAP implementation. We see how well the SAP QM functionality fits in with your company’s quality management strategy and how the module can be used economically.

In scoping, we jointly assess the impacts of implementing SAP QM in various business areas and processes in your company. Assessing the associated costs and risks is our most important task when supporting you with defining your priority criteria, and estimating the time and expense that is necessary. 

Dispatcher (SPOC)
The dispatcher monitors the support tickets and requests, and intervenes where necessary in distributing the tickets to the designated support staff. The dispatcher ensures that information is exchanged seamlessly with the customer’s organization, and operates as a single point of contact.

The supporters analyze the tickets that are assigned to them according to the requested response times, and respond to the ticket that was created in accordance with the SLAs. The response can consist of a proposed solution (such as eliminating master data errors), or even a proposal for additional solution processing (such as ABAP coding or correcting Customizing).

SI PRO Consulting solutions for SAP PLM

Fast SAP PP Link

The Synchronization of PLM recipes to bill of materials is an important connector between SAP PLM and Production. This process is quite complex so that a lot of customers would like to have a simpler solution. SI PRO GmbH offers a partially automated and a fully automated solution.

  • At first the user creates a synchronization unit and initiates the synchronization. For an easy handling, the reconciliation workbench is skipped and possible conflicts are solved automatically according to the needs of the customer.
  • For a fully automatic synchronization a lot of customers use the status change. Once the PLM recipe is released, the synchronization unit is created automatically and a bill of material is generated. If the bill of material already exists, the correct alternative is changed. In case the customer wishes additional information in the PLM recipe, SI PRO GmbH creates further recipe columns, which can also be syncronized with the bill of material.

Fast Recipe Entry

The recipe is a cornerstone of PLM. To offer its customers an easy way to create and maintain recipes SI PRO GmbH has developed multiple variants. Amongst other things an independent user interface adjusted to specific requirements and an import function of recipes from bills of materials.

Especially for test series our customers need to create several recipes at the same time and have to compare the calculation results. In standard SAP PLM Recipe Development there is one edit window for each recipe. You could make use of the Multi Formula Editor which enables a processing of ten recipes next to each other. But this tool has limited functions and an average intuitive user interface. Therefore, SI PRO has developed a customer solution by which a lot of time can be saved and a higher transparency as well as comparability is supported.

  • It is possible to create and change several substances and hierarchical recipes simultaneously. Thus, you can use immediately the new created semi-finished product in a finished product recipe.
  • A comparison of the calculation results and properties of all loaded semi-finished and finished products in one single window is enabled.
  • Additional functions according to user customer request are implementable.

SI PRO Gmbh implemented a quick, simple method for recipe creation for its customer, where migration of recipes is done by importing bills of materials. This allows to transfer the positions of a chosen bill of material into the recipe formula. Assignment of specifications to the respective materials is done by predefined logic. Additionally, fields specific to the recipe formula (e.g. component type) are filled from value assignment types of the corresponding specification.

Easy Labelling

In the Food and Beverage Industry not only the development of new products is at the heart of a company's PLM but also the compliance to regional food declaration legislations. Therefore, labelling is a central part in the usage of SAP PLM at our customers.


SI PRO help its customers in running this particular PLM part in three important areas:

  • From a business perspective SI PRO offers consultants who have expert knowledge in food declaration who can communicate effortlessly with our customer’s experts in this area. This is the foundation for the technical perspective:
  • To tailor the SAP standard to the customer’s, need the foreseen places (BadIs) to enhance it are heavily used building up on a tailored customizing. Development examples are the customer’s logic in rounding in the component label or grouping in the ingredient label.
  • Additionally, we offer custom development solutions. One example is a Floorplan application to display the complete ingredient information down to the standard composition of the raw materials of an PLM recipe in a tree display. In the SAP standard the recipe explosion is only up to the raw material level as this is the lowest level of ingredient composition. Such a tree view comes in handy if particular questions in the labelling have to be answered or the product composition should be optimized, e.g. to reduce its salt content. 


Reference: Covestro

Headquarters: Leverkusen
Founded: 2015


Project: Global SAP PLM Implementation based on Recipe Development​


  • Implementation covers Covestro R&D
  • Build Solution for Polyurethanes, Polycarbonates, Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties ​
  • Standardize R&D Processes and Workflows across all Regions and Businesses​
  • Go Live
  • Global roll out

Project services SI PRO:​

  • Blueprinting, Project Planning​
  • Implementation of SAP Recipe Development​​
  • Migration Concept, Development of Migration Tools​​
  • Development of Add-Ons​​
  • Integrate SAP EH&S Processes and Data​​
  • Unit and Integration Test execution, User Trainings​

Reference: Ehrmann

Headquarters: Oberschönegg
Founded: 1920

Project: Implementation of SAP PLM RD Recipe Development with SAP PP-PI integration, and data migration from a non-SAP system


  • Development of a tool within the SAP PLM RD solution for efficient recipe creations
  • Automation of the BOM interface
  • Data structure analysis of the existing system and translation to SAP

Project services by SI PRO (selection):

  • Project planning
  • Blueprint of the business process design
  • Integration in other SAP modules (PP-PI, MM)
  • Migration programs for specifications, recipes, labels and other objects
  • Implementation of workflows

Reference: Bayer

Headquarters: Leverkusen
Founded: 1863


Projects realized by SI PRO for Bayer

  • Implementation of SAP PLM / EHS system for Bayer CropScience​
    • SAP PLM Specification Management ​
    • SAP PLM Recipe Management​
    • SAP PLM Packaging Development​
    • SAP EHS “new substance registration”​
    • SAP EH&S Product Safety (integrate processes and data)​
    • SAP EH&S Dangerous Goods (integrate processes and data)​
  • Roll-outs of SAP PLM / EHS in European country organizations
  • Roll-outs of SAP PLM / EHS for CropScience companies in USA, Asia and South America
  • Implementation of SAP PLM / EHS for Bayer MaterialScience, ​
  • Support of SAP EHS for Bayer Healthcare

Reference: COOP

Headquarters: Basel, Schweiz
Founded: 1969


Project: Implementation of SAP PLM for COOP Bakery and Chocolate manufacturing companies

Project services provided by SI PRO:

  • Scoping for COOP Bakeries
  • Scoping for Chocolate Halba / Sunray
  • Business Blueprint for SAP PLM RD
  • Design PLM “to be” IT system landscape
  • Mapping of the project requirements to SAP PLM Recipe Development
  • SAP PLM Customizing (Specification Management, Recipe Development, Labelling, TREX)
  • COOP Bakery: 5 Plants, 49 instore bakeries
  • COOP Chocolats Halba /
  • Sunray – baking ingredients, Oils, dried fruits

Reference: Siegwerk

Headquarters: Sieburg
Founded: 1830


Project: Implementation of SAP PLM RD Recipe Development with full integration into SAP PP-PI



  • First full integration of SAP Recipe Development into SAP PP-PI (BOM and Master Recipes)
  • Efficient and fast solution for maintenance of large amounts recipes and materials

SI PRO Project Services (selection):

  • Analysis and design (blueprinting), project management
  • Design of business processes
  • Specification, design and development of add-on for SAP Recipe Development
  • Integration to other SAP modules (EHS, PP-PI, MM), gap analysis
  • Migration and redesign of existing master data to SAP Recipe Development

Reference: Scandinavian Packaging material producer

Project: Implementation of SAP PLM Specification Management for packaging products


  • Central IT-Solution for packaging product development interfaced with production planning
  • Migration of third-party specification management system
  • Adoption of highly sophisticated, strong hierarichal data model into PLM database structure

SI PRO Project Services:

  • Blueprinting, Specifications of Add-ons
  • Design and implementation of a highly sophisticated, strong hierarchical data model making heavy use of PLM specification inheritance technology
  • Customizing and Configuration in PLM Specification Management
    • Customer-specific setup of PLM specification database
    • Customer-specific setup of document templates for specification documents
    • Adoption of SAP standard graphical user interface: customer specific menu entries
  • Design (SAP roles) of complete specification authorization management
  • Design and implementation of several tailored specification maintenance enhancing functions:
    • automated creation of inheritance relations
    • automated calculation of dependent specification data
    • customer specific search functionalities
  • Design and implementation of interfaces to LO-VC Variant configuration via direct filling and several non-SAP modules via XML-file exports

Reference: Martin Braun KG

Headquarters: Hannover
Founded: 1931

Project: SAP PLM RD Recipe Development System for Martin Braun KG

Project services provided by SI PRO:

  • SAP PLM customizing (Specification Management, Recipe Development, TREX)
  • Conception of a global product development solution using SAP PLM Recipe Development
  • Support of SAP PLM Pilot implementation in Spain
  • Roll-out Germany support
  • Roll out Turkey support
  • Add On Development
  • Scope: bakery and confectionary products

Reference: Klüber: SAP PLM

Headquarters Klüber: Munich
Founded: 1929

Project: Replacement of the legacy system LIMS by SAP PLM and SAP Quality Management


  • Extension of the existing SAP PLM
  • Maximal utilization of the SAP standard with minimal client specific developments
  • Introduction of an „electronic laboratory notebook“ for consistent documentation of all relevant recipes

Projektservices SI PRO (Auswahl):

  • Preparation and organization of requirement workshops
  • Adjustment and extension of existing SAP PLM functions
  • Integration of SAP Quality Management in SAP PLM (result recording)
  • Development and adjustment of WWI report templates (recipe report, trial report, laboratory sample label)

Reference: Hela

Headquarters: Ahrensburg, Deutschland
Founded: 1905

Project: Implementation of SAP PLM Raw material- and Product specifications for spices


  • Central IT-Solution for Product Development
  • Implementation of SAP PLM
  • Migration of third-party Recipe Management system, using Material classification, to SAP PLM

SI PRO Project Services:

  • Project Planning and full project execution
  • Blueprinting, specifications of Add-on
  • Customizing and configuration in PLM Specification Management
    • Customer-specific setup of PLM specification database
    • Customer-specific setup of document templates for specification documents
    • Adoption of SAP standard graphical user interface: customer specific menu entries and new buttons
    • Design (SAP roles) and implementation (ABAP developments) of complete specification authorization management
  • Migration of third-party Recipe Management system into PLM Specification management and PLM Recipe Development

Reference: R&D at Bode Chemie

Headquarters: Hamburg
Founded: 1924


Project: SAP PLM Solution for R&D laboratories and processes


  • Implementation of SAP PLM Recipe Development
  • GxP requirements

Project services SI PRO:

  • Analysis, blueprint and project management
  • Business process design for SAP Recipe Development
  • Specification, design and development of Add-Ons for SAP Recipe Development
  • Go Live in time and budget

Reference: Hershey

Headquarters: Derry Township, Pennsylvania, Vereinigte Staaten
Founded: 1894


Project: Technical upgrade and custom developments


  • Concept and implementation of ingredient calculations
  • Moisture loss solution for SAP Recipe Management
  • Technical Redesign of custom developments

Project services SI PRO:

  • Support during technical upgrade project
  • Implementation of custom formula calculations
  • Mass change program for recipes and ingredients
  • Other Add-On developments for SAP RM

Reference: Teekanne

Headquarters: Düsseldorf
Founded: 1882


Project: Implementation of SAP PLM for raw materials and packaging specifications


  • Design a central IT solution for product development
  • Implementation of SAP PLM
  • Integration QM, MM-PUR

Project services provided by SI PRO:

  • Entire project solution delivered by SI PRO
  • Blueprinting, specification of Add-Ons
  • PLM Customizing
  • Development of Add-Ons
  • Development of workflows (e.g. for specification release)

Reference: Ashland

Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Founded: 1924

Project: Global R&D Solution for Ashland based on SAP Recipe Management and SAP EH&S​


  • Project execution from feasibility workshops to implementation and testing
  • Replacement of a heterogeneous PLM system landscape by SAP PLM
  • Consolidation of requirements from all regions
  • Pilot project and global Roll Out

Project services SI PRO:

  • Project management
  • Blueprinting, gap-analysis, implementation, development of add-ons
  • Implementation of SAP Recipe Management
  • Implementation of SAP EH&S Dangerous Goods, Global Label Management, Substance Volume Tracking
  • Unit and integration test execution, project planning support

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