Commodity Origin

In the age of global trade, the origin of goods is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to benefit from customs advantages. SAP GTS helps you to obtain supplier declarations for your purchased parts and products in order to evaluate your own saleable products in the next step. Fully automated calculation of the origin of goods makes it much easier for them and their customers to obtain reduced tariff rates, which can generate significant competitive advantages. Because the calculation of preference is the basis for the application of reduced rates, all the data required for this must be submitted during customs inspections. SAP GTS helps them to keep calm in the event of such an audit and to bring transparency to the calculation.

SI PRO core topics regard­ing SAP GTS prefe­rence calcu­lation

Supplier Declarations

SAP GTS automatically recognizes which of the preferential agreements is relevant for the goods movement on the basis of invoices and material documents from the SAP ERP upstream system. If this is the case, SAP GTS generates work lists that you can use to request your suppliers to issue a long-term supplier declaration for one or more preference agreements. SAP GTS also includes an automatic dunning process if the requested documents are not received within 30 or 60 days.

Commodity origin calculation

In SAP GTS, the origin of goods can be determined automatically for all saleable products. The basis for this is the resolution of corresponding bills of material. The origin of goods can be calculated within a plant or across plants.

Preference status calculation

The vast majority of global preferential agreements can be mapped in SAP GTS. At the heart of the determination of the preference status are the tariff-dependent preference rules. These can be easily imported into GTS via an XML interface. Our partner Reguvis ( provides you with the appropriate content for this purpose.​

Whether they can issue their customers a certificate of origin for their sales products for a certain agreement often depends on the sales price of the product. With the help of the simulation, you can determine the marginal price at which the preferential status changes.

The certificate of origin can be created directly from SAP GTS.


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