SAP PLM Specification Management

PLM Specification Management is the versatile solution to maintain the data for your As-is and / or for your To-be specifications in a fully customizable way. The data points for your specification documents are stored separately from the document templates which gives you maximum flexibility to re-use the same data for different documents in different languages for the version controlled, fully internationalizable final documents. On top of this, the final documents can be sent automatically to the relevant receivers, either authorities or customers or business partners. Because of the integration into other modules, like SAP Material Management, SAP PPPI, or SAP Recipe Development, the strength of an integrated ERP can be used throughout to mix your data from these modules and Specification Management on the final document.

SI PRO offers different services and its expertise in the following areas to tailor PLM Specification Management to your needs:

  • Our consultants will survey with your experts your companies data pool to define and to implement a suitable (flexible, convenient, extensible) data model for the PLM Specification Management database. The document templates will be designed and implemented to resemble your actual documents to a maximum degree. The automated document shipment will be configured and adopted, if necessary.
  • PLM Specification Management’s graphical user interface (classic SAP GUI, current and future browser based-ones) offers many options, either by configuration or by development, to be adopted to your needs. Our addition of customer-specific functionalities range from hiding never used SAP standard functionality over customer-specific menu entries to customer specific tabs or sub-screens enriching the PLM Specification Management’s standard GUI with your most wanted functionality.
  • We offer the specification and implementation of functionalities to calculate and to store new specification data from existing specification data (easy example: calculate an object’s volume using its specified dimensions) thereby increasing your data’s consistency and reducing manual labour.
  • Interfacing PLM Specification Management to non-SAP software (like LIMSs) or other SAP modules (e.g. LO-VC Variant configuration: data maintenance; MM: material classification), either uni- or bidirectional, is always part of PLM introduction projects. Our consultants will examine thoroughly your business processes to find and to implement the optimal solution for this.
  • Migrating your data from your actual system (becoming then the legacy system) into the PLM Specification Management database is central in a PLM Specification Management introduction project. We are experts for it. Project examples are: Chemges (DR Software) and Siemens Simatic IT Interspec migrations.

PLM Specification Management:
integration in other SAP modules


Reference: Hela

Headquarters: Ahrensburg, Deutschland
Founded: 1905

Project: Implementation of SAP PLM Raw material- and Product specifications for spices


  • Central IT-Solution for Product Development
  • Implementation of SAP PLM
  • Migration of third-party Recipe Management system, using Material classification, to SAP PLM

SI PRO Project Services:

  • Project Planning and full project execution
  • Blueprinting, specifications of Add-on
  • Customizing and configuration in PLM Specification Management
    • Customer-specific setup of PLM specification database
    • Customer-specific setup of document templates for specification documents
    • Adoption of SAP standard graphical user interface: customer specific menu entries and new buttons
    • Design (SAP roles) and implementation (ABAP developments) of complete specification authorization management
  • Migration of third-party Recipe Management system into PLM Specification management and PLM Recipe Development

Reference: Scandinavian Packaging material producer

Project: Implementation of SAP PLM Specification Management for packaging products


  • Central IT-Solution for packaging product development interfaced with production planning
  • Migration of third-party specification management system
  • Adoption of highly sophisticated, strong hierarichal data model into PLM database structure

SI PRO Project Services:

  • Blueprinting, Specifications of Add-ons
  • Design and implementation of a highly sophisticated, strong hierarchical data model making heavy use of PLM specification inheritance technology
  • Customizing and Configuration in PLM Specification Management
    • Customer-specific setup of PLM specification database
    • Customer-specific setup of document templates for specification documents
    • Adoption of SAP standard graphical user interface: customer specific menu entries
  • Design (SAP roles) of complete specification authorization management
  • Design and implementation of several tailored specification maintenance enhancing functions:
    • automated creation of inheritance relations
    • automated calculation of dependent specification data
    • customer specific search functionalities
  • Design and implementation of interfaces to LO-VC Variant configuration via direct filling and several non-SAP modules via XML-file exports

Reference: Covestro

Headquarters: Leverkusen
Founded: 2015


Project: Global SAP PLM Implementation based on Recipe Development​


  • Implementation covers Covestro R&D
  • Build Solution for Polyurethanes, Polycarbonates, Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties ​
  • Standardize R&D Processes and Workflows across all Regions and Businesses​
  • Go Live
  • Global roll out

Project services SI PRO:​

  • Blueprinting, Project Planning​
  • Implementation of SAP Recipe Development​​
  • Migration Concept, Development of Migration Tools​​
  • Development of Add-Ons​​
  • Integrate SAP EH&S Processes and Data​​
  • Unit and Integration Test execution, User Trainings​

Reference: Ehrmann

Headquarters: Oberschönegg
Founded: 1920

Project: Implementation of SAP PLM RD Recipe Development with SAP PP-PI integration, and data migration from a non-SAP system


  • Development of a tool within the SAP PLM RD solution for efficient recipe creations
  • Automation of the BOM interface
  • Data structure analysis of the existing system and translation to SAP

Project services by SI PRO (selection):

  • Project planning
  • Blueprint of the business process design
  • Integration in other SAP modules (PP-PI, MM)
  • Migration programs for specifications, recipes, labels and other objects
  • Implementation of workflows

Reference: Bayer

Headquarters: Leverkusen
Founded: 1863


Projects realized by SI PRO for Bayer

  • Implementation of SAP PLM / EHS system for Bayer CropScience​
    • SAP PLM Specification Management ​
    • SAP PLM Recipe Management​
    • SAP PLM Packaging Development​
    • SAP EHS “new substance registration”​
    • SAP EH&S Product Safety (integrate processes and data)​
    • SAP EH&S Dangerous Goods (integrate processes and data)​
  • Roll-outs of SAP PLM / EHS in European country organizations
  • Roll-outs of SAP PLM / EHS for CropScience companies in USA, Asia and South America
  • Implementation of SAP PLM / EHS for Bayer MaterialScience, ​
  • Support of SAP EHS for Bayer Healthcare

Reference: COOP

Headquarters: Basel, Schweiz
Founded: 1969


Project: Implementation of SAP PLM for COOP Bakery and Chocolate manufacturing companies

Project services provided by SI PRO:

  • Scoping for COOP Bakeries
  • Scoping for Chocolate Halba / Sunray
  • Business Blueprint for SAP PLM RD
  • Design PLM “to be” IT system landscape
  • Mapping of the project requirements to SAP PLM Recipe Development
  • SAP PLM Customizing (Specification Management, Recipe Development, Labelling, TREX)
  • COOP Bakery: 5 Plants, 49 instore bakeries
  • COOP Chocolats Halba /
  • Sunray – baking ingredients, Oils, dried fruits

Reference: Siegwerk

Headquarters: Sieburg
Founded: 1830


Project: Implementation of SAP PLM RD Recipe Development with full integration into SAP PP-PI



  • First full integration of SAP Recipe Development into SAP PP-PI (BOM and Master Recipes)
  • Efficient and fast solution for maintenance of large amounts recipes and materials

SI PRO Project Services (selection):

  • Analysis and design (blueprinting), project management
  • Design of business processes
  • Specification, design and development of add-on for SAP Recipe Development
  • Integration to other SAP modules (EHS, PP-PI, MM), gap analysis
  • Migration and redesign of existing master data to SAP Recipe Development

Reference: Klüber: SAP PLM

Headquarters Klüber: Munich
Founded: 1929

Project: Replacement of the legacy system LIMS by SAP PLM and SAP Quality Management


  • Extension of the existing SAP PLM
  • Maximal utilization of the SAP standard with minimal client specific developments
  • Introduction of an „electronic laboratory notebook“ for consistent documentation of all relevant recipes

Projektservices SI PRO (Auswahl):

  • Preparation and organization of requirement workshops
  • Adjustment and extension of existing SAP PLM functions
  • Integration of SAP Quality Management in SAP PLM (result recording)
  • Development and adjustment of WWI report templates (recipe report, trial report, laboratory sample label)

Reference: R&D at Bode Chemie

Headquarters: Hamburg
Founded: 1924


Project: SAP PLM Solution for R&D laboratories and processes


  • Implementation of SAP PLM Recipe Development
  • GxP requirements

Project services SI PRO:

  • Analysis, blueprint and project management
  • Business process design for SAP Recipe Development
  • Specification, design and development of Add-Ons for SAP Recipe Development
  • Go Live in time and budget

Reference: Teekanne

Headquarters: Düsseldorf
Founded: 1882


Project: Implementation of SAP PLM for raw materials and packaging specifications


  • Design a central IT solution for product development
  • Implementation of SAP PLM
  • Integration QM, MM-PUR

Project services provided by SI PRO:

  • Entire project solution delivered by SI PRO
  • Blueprinting, specification of Add-Ons
  • PLM Customizing
  • Development of Add-Ons
  • Development of workflows (e.g. for specification release)

Reference: Ashland

Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Founded: 1924

Project: Global R&D Solution for Ashland based on SAP Recipe Management and SAP EH&S​


  • Project execution from feasibility workshops to implementation and testing
  • Replacement of a heterogeneous PLM system landscape by SAP PLM
  • Consolidation of requirements from all regions
  • Pilot project and global Roll Out

Project services SI PRO:

  • Project management
  • Blueprinting, gap-analysis, implementation, development of add-ons
  • Implementation of SAP Recipe Management
  • Implementation of SAP EH&S Dangerous Goods, Global Label Management, Substance Volume Tracking
  • Unit and integration test execution, project planning support

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